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Some call me "the Traveling Charcuterie Lady", "Boujee Queen", "Boss Lady" and "KK", but most call me Krystal. 

I am a serial entrepreneur, designing & growing business is my jam.

One of my favorite things to do in life is bring people together, especially when it calls for food, the real Gouda kind ;) Cultivating “togetherness” is a special thing and I aim to make it Lavish.


I thrive in movement, any kind that pushes my mind, body & soul into action. Always in pursuit of a life worth living and a legacy worth leaving. 


Design + Cultivation + Movement = Elevation


I elevate others brands and communities with luxury food, lavish spreads and brand blending. While most companies or leaders focus on their craft, I focus on making the experience match their craft. While my clients focus on doing their best, I help them look their best. It’s a teamwork, make the vision complete, type vibe.


Now, sprinkle a little Alaskan flare and voila, Boujee Alaska.  


Let’s ELEVATE with luxury.

"Talk about 5 stars, she deserves 6... Krystal is excellence wrapped in brilliance. Her food, design, details and incredible touches bringing my brand alive with her flare... left me speechless. The delivery of my dream was the best I've seen in 15 years of business.

My events will be boujee'd - period!" 

- Danelle Delgado

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